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12 Games for Kids & Babies

Educational Education
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12 fun preschool educational games for kids and toddlers in one app! Teach your children colors, numbers, the alphabet, comparisons, matching and train their environmental perception, hand-eye coordination, concentration, memory retention and logic.★ Very entertaining, funny, and motivating for kids★ Gorgeous, colorful high-resolution graphics★ Looks good on any device (including tablets)★ Awesome animations★ High-quality sound effects★ A friendly voice guides your child through the game★ No ads★ No permissions
Your kids will have lots of fun and learn along the way.
Game List:
- Alphabet (5 Years+): Teach your child the alphabet with this very colorful educational game. Perfect for preschoolers. There is even a mode to practice the alphabet backwards.
- Balloon Colors (3 Years+): In this kids game, colors are practiced in entertaining ways. When the child taps the correct balloon, it rises.
- Count the Fruits (3 Years+): Learn counting from 1 to 10. The numbers are said aloud and portrayed visually.
- Find the Animal (2 Years+): This game teaches kids to identify animals. Great fun!
- Find Pairs (4 Years+): From among different animals, your child must find an animal pair of the same type. Very good for concentration skills!
- Happy Animals (1 Year+): Animals make their characteristic noises when touched and move comically.
- Kids Memory Game (3 Years+): Pictures are shown that the child is asked to remember. Later these are hidden, and the game asks which pictures the child has seen. Promotes concentration and memory!
- Melodic Stars (1 Year+): At each touch of the screen, an animated star appears and plays a tone in a random pitch. Ideal for toddlers.
- Pop the Bubbles (1 Year+): A very entertaining way to train the child's hand-eye coordination. Realistic physics and a great ocean background. Toddlers just love it!
- Which Side Has More? (4 Years+): Fruits are shown on the left and right side of the game screen. Now the child is asked which side has more fruits.
- Ladybug Game (3 Years+): Find all ladybugs...
- Cow Game (4 Years+): Which cow is not like the others?
The games for toddlers may be played only under adult supervision. It is recommended that the child be guided through the game.
This app aims to bring fun and learning together. The games are designed to be as educational as possible, keeping your kids motivated and with positive attitudes toward learning.